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For all inpatient people from inventor:
  • Yes we have solution
  • Also - you will not be an experimental object
  • I am a victim (my sibling survived cancer from exposition to power line on front of the house).
  • I invented EMF total protection explained here, and therapeutic products for pain, fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, . . . ,cancer and countless other health problems. Imagine that chronic health problem could be reversed too!
  • I established new discipline named "MAGNETOPATHY" explained on our website   
  • Also it provides harmful EMF protection, so prevention over recovery!
  • My patented invention works for over 15 years with fully satisfied customers. No hassle - 1 year money back warranty!
  • It makes EMFs harmless for any living organism. Surprised? Try it! Make difference in your life. EMF protection is 100% effective and you don't need to do any changes in your home or e.g. paint walls etc.
  • In contrary to other semi-solutions "Total EMF Protection" can be provided for a fraction of their costs with 100% effectiveness. Nevertheless all our products have the same lever of effectiveness.
  • All Cell Phone Tower Radiation protection tools like:
    • paints
    • special glass
    • foil for windows
    • absorbing fabric
    • fabric curtains
    • wallpapers
    • window film glass
    • absorbing plastic
    are only the substitute of a real protection lowering exposition to toxic EMF Radiation. You can use them, having "peace of mind" hoping that you are protected.

    In the real world you can only slow down devastating impact of the sneaking inside your home harmful EMF radiation. Unfortunately this radiation continue this "dirty job".

    Painting walls or other methods decreasing exposition to radiation will only slow down degeneration of health. Your body still is exposed to harmful EMFs (even with decreased EMF energy).
  • Yes you can have other semi-solutions. They are expensive and not effective. Why?    

The growing popularity of WiFi comes on the edge of the massive escalation in nuber of wireless mobile telephones, androids and ipods, and drastically increase concerns over the health hazards of extremely intensive levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).

Microwaves at recent state of daily exposition are associated to brain damage, DNA damage, brain tumours, cancers, microwave sickness, impairment of cognitive functions, many chronic diseases, impairment of reproduction and fertility, affecting humans, rodents, birds, bees and other living creatures.
Optimist or skeptic, this is worth your time to read

As little as 2 mG has been linked to leukemia. Under power lines, I have personally measured 57 mG. It can be way higher depending on whether the line is operating at capacity. In front of my friend’s house, the line is buried under the sidewalk. He avoids the sidewalk but people push their baby strollers over it …. more

Although not officially considered a disease yet, an allergy to all EMFs, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, has been reported by sufferers as causing headaches, fatigue, memory loss, ringing in the ears, an irregular heartbeat and skin sensitivity. It can be drastically reduced by installing protection from power lines, WiFi, Smart Meter and transformers. Officially list of health problems related to exposition to EMFs is long and is expanding. Commonly related to EMFs are cancer, ADD, ADHD, migraines and headaches, stoke, heart attack, dizziness, ringing in ears, insomnia, nausea, rapid heartbeat and many more.