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Home with garden (whole property - 1 acre) protected by Total ENF Home Protection set
- average vegetation from this garden on pictures below
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MicroAlpha Neutralizers help you flow with the natural rhythms of the earth. "These Neutralizers and the Peace Disk and Peace Ball are the best thing since sliced bread."

Connie D.

Surround yourself with the missing link for health and vitality – MicroAlpha’s Neutralizers. Neutralize all the harmful effects from modern-day society and experience these side effects:
  • Relieve stress.
  • Fortify your immune system.
  • Experience vibrant energy and health.
  • Lift the foggy haze – clear your mind.
  • Better sleep.
  • Improved mood.
  • Rejuvenate not just your body, but your entire living environment.

Killing EMFs - ongoing experiment on humans and all other living organisms!

MicroAlpha’s Inventor and His Inventions z_clz

I am a victim (my sibling survived cancer from exposition to power line on front of the house).

I invented EMF total protection explained here, and therapeutic products for pain, cancer and countless other health problems. Imagine that chronic health problem could be reversed too!

Recently FDA starts approving some therapeutic methods. My invention works for over 15 years with fully satisfied customers.

Yes you can have other semi-solutions. They are expensive and not effective. Journalist Noor Javed investigated one of these cases. Family spends over 20,000 $ to lover EMF exposition from cell tower - it’s brought down the RF levels inside the house to more tolerable levels.    In Canada you could wake up and find a cellphone tower in your backyard   z_clz

Total protection can be provided for fraction of it. No hassle - 1 year money back warranty!

Did lowering level of EMFs inside your home change anything? EMFs weaker or not affect you and your family health.

My patented invention makes EMFs harmless for any living organism. Surprised? Try it! Make difference in your life.
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Mother Earth has lost her balance (from past 4,000 years) over the last few decades and the geomagnetic fields are so weak it is difficult for anyone to achieve vibrant health today ... unless they use neutralization to strengthen the surrounding geomagnetic fields and minimize harmful radiation from EMFs.

  • You don’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t overlook the invisible killer. Protect against them where possible!
  • Kids absorb 50 percent more electropollution than adults. Cell phone call lasting only two minutes can cause brain hyperactivity that lasts up to an hour in children.
  • Exposition to EMF Toxic Radiation lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson's, many other severe health problems and even back pain.
  • Children living near power lines had 3 times the likelihood of developing childhood leukemia and cancer. Children are 50% more susceptible to exposure to EMFs.
  • Electromagnetic radiation starts doing damage from the first exposure. For a long while there may be no noticeable symptoms, but that does not mean that nothing is happening. As the exposure continues, damage will be accumulating.
  • Based on the fertility and DNA impacts of microwave radiation, are you comfortable that your child is being exposed to this radiation all day long in school?
  • If you are serious about improving your chances of conceiving a child then you cannot afford to overlook your Electromagnetic radiation exposure.

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over 7000

Canadian Cellular Towers - Map   z_clz

Cell Phones And Towers - Drastic Facts - For Adults Only!  z_clz

How far are you living from nearest Cell Tower?

Are you ready to take such risk?

Scientifically proven solution!  

All Cell Phone Tower Radiation protection tools like:
  • paints
  • special glass
  • foil for windows
  • absorbing fabric
  • fabric curtains
  • wallpapers
  • window film glass
  • absorbing plastic
are the only substitute of a real protection lowering exposition to toxic EMF Radiation. You can use them, having "peace of mind" hoping that you are protected.

In the real world you are only slowing down devastating impact of the sneaking inside your home harmful EMF radiation. Unfortunately this radiation continuing "dirty job".

Painting walls or other methods decreasing exposition to radiation will only slow down degeneration of health. Your body still is exposed to harmful EMFs (even with decreased EMF energy).


Your body is responding to any amount of EMFs energy. They are recognized as enemy invading your own body. Body's defend system try to fight them. This drain big portion of energy body can provide without any results. EMFs are passing through your body anyway.

On this site you can find solutions making all EMFs harmless. They will have the same level of energy BUT your body will not recognize them as enemy. It is the same difference as fresh cut piece of wood and cleaned by sandpaper. Result like on the pictures below on this page. Energy previously used for fight can be used for anything else.
What? Why? How? - Answers -    z_clz

The growing popularity of WiFi comes on the edge of the massive escalation in nuber of wireless mobile telephones, androids and ipods, and drastically increase concerns over the health hazards of extremely intensive levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).

Microwaves at recent state of daily exposition are associated to brain damage, DNA damage, brain tumors, cancers, microwave sickness, impairment of cognitive functions, many chronic diseases, impairment of reproduction and fertility, affecting humans, rodents, birds, bees and other living creatures.

A NEUTRALIZER for your life!

The invention that can change your life

Optimist or skeptic, this is worth your time to read

As little as 2 mG has been linked to leukemia. Under power lines, I have personally measured 37 mG. It can be way higher depending on whether the line is operating at capacity. In front of my friend’s house, the line is buried under the sidewalk. He avoids the sidewalk but people push their baby strollers over it ….

Although not officially considered a disease yet, an allergy to all EMFs, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, has been reported by sufferers as causing headaches, fatigue, memory loss, ringing in the ears, an irregular heartbeat and skin sensitivity. It can be drastically reduced by installing protection from power lines, WiFi, Smart Meter and transformers.
Officially list of health problems related to exposition to EMFs is long and is expanding. Commonly related to EMFs are cancer, ADD, ADHD, migraines and headaches, stoke, heart attack, dizziness, ringing in ears, insomnia, nausea, rapid heartbeat and many more
Money Back Warranty
is increased:
  • to 1 year for everyone
  • to 2 years for farmers (all agriculture related products)
as a response to drastic climate changes in past years.
Blood is an electrolytic solution. If you place it in a changing magnetic field (AC - EMFs) there will be magneto hydrodynamic effects. How that affects exchange of material between cells/blood, nobody knows. You don’t need DNA damage to cause cancer. Poor absorption of nutrients or impacting immune system function can result in cancer. So there is a mechanism, just not the usual DNA damage mechanism.

The Low Immune System just can't destroy all cancer cells in your body. We have genuine ultimate and proven (over 20 years) solution.
The MicroAlpha Peace Ball   -  EMF protective pendant is an electronic device able instantly to utilize collected "BAD" energy from EMFs into broad spectrum (over 20,000) frequencies required by the human body.

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MicroAlpha's Neutralizer is a device that protects a large area from the negative effects of Electromagnetic Fields [EMFs] from any direction - above, below or sides - without compromising any passing through communication like cellular phone transmission. It is like a water filter. EMF energy passing through shielding is harmless to any living creature.

Neutralizer absorbing bad radiation


Due to the legal community we must post this:
  • We (MicroAlpha Inc.) do not claim any healing properties.
  • If you have medical problems, please contact your doctor.
  • All our (MicroAlpha Inc.) products are not healing the body; they are helping the body to heal itself.
  • We cannot make any medical claims about the use of the MicroAlpha's products, but the results speak for themselves. Over 98.5 percent of our customers are fully satisfied. That is not 100% --- but that is a pretty good number.
  • The information presented on this website gives general advice on influences in our environment that are known to be possible causes of illness. Always consult your health care provider for your individual health care needs and concerns. The information contained in this website is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care by a health care provider. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problem or illness without consulting your health care provider.
  • Furthermore, all consultations and recommendations provided by MicroAlpha Inc. staff are for the purpose of providing guidelines as an electromagnetic field (EMF) consultant for clients with electromagnetic field exposure sensitivity. All electrical wiring systems that are created as a result of these consultations are to be designed and installed by licensed professional electrical engineers and electrical contractors. The services of MicroAlpha Inc. are provided as an EMF consultant only, offering testing, advice and educational support. It is the responsibility of licensed electrical contractors to verify that electrical wiring systems are code compliant.
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