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A few side notes:
« on: December 15, 2012, 11:31:59 PM »
A few side notes:
1)       It does seem that the disk I am using on my hernia (just put it between my hernia truss & my skin) is healing the hernia.  I can now remove my truss for hours, even go swimming & play volleyball with my son in our pool & my hernia does not extend.  In the past, the hernia would obviously extend from my abdomen within a few minutes of taking off my truss (unless I was lying down at night).  It seems that you are proving the doctors wrong when they stated that it is impossible for a hernia to heal without surgery.  

2)      The disk at my neck did not help with my headaches, so my wife is now using it along with her existing disk to help prevent a recurrence of her cancer ? is now wearing one on both sides, under her bra.

3)      Both my kids are not noticing very much allergy symptoms so far this year ? last year it would have been quite bad by now, especially for my daughter.  I?m assuming it is mostly due to the unit we have in the basement, since my daughter is not wearing a peace ball.

4)      So far the disc does not seem to be impacting my son?s diabetes very much ? he is still taking similar amounts of insulin.  But at the same time, his need for insulin is not increasing either, which it seems the doctors were expecting ? It seems his pancreas is still doing something since the doctor expects that he would need a higher insulin ratio per carbohydrate by now (was diagnosed over 2 years ago) than he is at.  So maybe the disc is helping to stop it from getting worse.
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