Author Topic: Airport non-x-ray Scanners (Gates)  (Read 4662 times)


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Airport non-x-ray Scanners (Gates)
« on: April 08, 2013, 02:18:32 PM »
What can you tell me about the negative effects of the airport non-x-ray scanners, effects on the body? Does peace ball protect?

Non-x-ray scanners work the same way as any inductive sensors. They create very strong EMF. Any metal object in this gate (electromagnetic loop) change those loop balance (charge significant amount of energy from the gate). This will activate alarm system. Each gate has ability to adjust level of sensitivity ? so sometime gate is more sensitive than other are.

Yes ? this will affect our health even if you will cross this gate. Some people (especially electro-sensitive) will have difficulties with this gate. If your immune system is extremely weak you may experience in extreme situation momentary blackout (brain will be disconnected from body for millisecond). These type problems occur on the most dangerous intersections and sections of the road where significant amount of accidents without reasonable causes is. 

From my experience we can blame for this underground radiation rising up in those places. Body's defense system uses all energy from the body to fight with this radiation and brain could be disconnected for millisecond because of luck of energy. This prevents proper driver reaction for fracture of second ? enough to lead to accident. This could be prove by installing Neutralizer in such spots.

Peace Ball will compensate drainage of energy from the body to fight with EMFs from Scanners. Some very sensitive scanners can detect Peace Ball the same way as some necklace. Peace Ball has antenna to absorb energy from any EMF source.

Definitely Peace Ball will prevent damage from scanners.
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