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How car protection works?
« on: April 10, 2013, 04:36:49 PM »
Thanks for your great EMF protection and neutralization devices. I am not remembering on this point right now: But does the neutralizer device when put into the car only protect from negative EMF's from earth, or does it also neutralize the negative EMF's from the electrical components of the car?

Neutralizer AN-6CV protects only from earth.

We have devices protecting from above and from sides.

Always you must have protection between you and source of the problems, so no one product on whole world will be able to protect you from everything at once. also side protection Neutralizers protect from WIFI, Smart Meters etc. ---- SIDE PROTECTION for homes and for cars

In addition ? very important information ?

California research conducted by University of California, Berkeley provides another information[1]  ??The baseline 400 Hz inductive power transfer system for the main test track and electric bus (third generation) produces an electromagnetic flux density of about 100 mG (milli-Gauss) for passengers inside the bus, and 30 to 60 mG at chest height for passengers in conventional cars located above the powered roadway. Pedestrians who walk across the powered roadway inductor are exposed to 10,000 mG at a height of 1 ft and about 1,000 mG at a height of 4 ft above the center of the inductor?s conductor slot. For a pedestrian walking along a sidewalk parallel to the powered roadway, at a distance of 15 feet from the center of the powered lane, the flux density is in the range of 50 mG. ?

        ... It is also useful to note for comparison that the Florida state regulatory standard for magnetic flux density at the periphery of an electric utility transmission line right of way ranges from 150 to 250 mG. ...

        ... The electromagnetic field effects of the fourth-generation design were reduced by the same measures that were used to reduce acoustic noise: higher operating frequency, lower roadway current and field cancellation windings along the outer edges of the roadway inductor. These led to reductions of the magnetic flux density to about 1000 mG at a height of 1 ft and about 100 mG at a height of 4 ft above the center of the conductor slot, with similar reductions by about one order of magnitude for the flux densities at locations near the roadway inductor and two orders of magnitude at larger distances to the side (10 ft or more). ...?

[1] Fragment from research reports - Institute of Transportation Studies, California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways, University of California, Berkeley - ?Highway Electrification and Automation?, Year 1992, Paper UCB-ITS-PRR-92-17 by Steven E. Shladover 

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