Author Topic: How works Neutralizer for Car?  (Read 4488 times)


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How works Neutralizer for Car?
« on: June 11, 2013, 05:11:06 PM »
Neutralizer absorbs "BAD" energy in circular range (like umbrella, but from opposite direction) with radius based on the type of Neutralizer. Now our body can peacefully rest instead of fight or can do anything else, like driving the car comfortably (basic Neutralizer for car AN-6CV) or safely driving through an intersection like the one described above.

Installation is very simple (Neutralizer for car or truck - AN-6CV ) and does not require a specialist. Only one factor, the green colored grounding wire must be connected to a grounding point. If there is any metal screw connected to the metal body of the car, we need to unscrew it and attach our wire to the body of the car using that screw.

Combined with a personal device a vehicle neutralizer gives your body phenomenal rest while you drive. The personal device (Peace Ball) converts absorbed ?Bad? energy into magnetic pulses, ?Good? energy (regenerating and refreshing our body), and sends them back to our body.
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