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Back to safety on the road
« on: June 11, 2013, 05:14:52 PM »
Repeating this important statement- our body acts against Geopathic Stress Lines and electrical fields the same way as virus and bacteria invasions. Our immune system activates all accessible mechanisms and routines for this fight. Problems appear when all the energy is drained from our body (this fight uses all the energy one body can provide).

Picture a driver on the road. Tired from being constantly focused on the road, lack of energy from fighting again EMFs, he/she can easily fall asleep behind the wheel. Now we come to the problem of the most dangerous intersections and sections of the road or street; where the causes and number of accidents cannot be explained by the road condition, bad road design or bad technical condition of the vehicle.

We know there are some other factors that are not considered due to the lack of scientific evidence. Geopathic Stress Lines as well as electrical fields from wires buried under the road surface belong to them. In Warsaw, Poland an experiment was conducted with protection in such places; and in a polish newspaper Zycia Warszawy from 28 10 2008 the results were described (here is the link to this article in the Polish language,301146_Rozdzka_w_asfalt.html).

The mechanism leading to these type of road accidents...

The Driver ? tired, sick, had restless sleep. This has weakened thier immune system. Then they drive through an intersection, underneath the road is a concentrated cluster of energy from crossed Geopathic Stress Lines and/or electrical wires. He/She reacts mobilizing all their energy that is left in the body to fight against this powerful group of EMFs. In extreme cases the brain could be disconnected for a millisecond from controlling the rest of the body. It is enough to cause poor react time on the road... the rest is known.

more in "TRANSPORTATION" section
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