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Is it possible to decrease accidents on the most dangerous intersections and road segments?

Historically we can identify two types of electrical fields we face every day. The most known (electricity) was invented around 300 years ago. We know some that is much older. Ancient people have had with them and their problems too. Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205 - 2197 BC) promulgated an edict (effective to this day) which reads: ?No dwelling shall be built before the earth diviners haven?t confirmed the intended building site to be free of earth demons (earth radiations known today as Geopathic Stress Lines).? TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has long known about the influences of hidden, i.e. generally invisible,  earth radiations. Ancient Romans had their own way. Rome Legions occupied West Europe (today France). They had protected their military objects against Geopathic Stress. Protections are active today, even fortifications are demolished.

Geopathic Stress Lines are deteriorated parts of electromagnetic wave radiating spherically from the center of the Earth. Somehow our body?s defense (immune) system has an aversion to them and always fights them.

Electro-Magnetic Fields have two faces ? electrical fields and magnetic fields. Without going into the physical interpretation, it is important to understand that electrical fields are dangerous to our health (numerous scientific researches prove this). These are opposite to magnetic fields, which influence our bodies in beneficial ways.

How we can protect ourselves?

Simplest protection is called ?Faraday Cage?, invented in 1836 by Englishmen and physicist Michael Faraday, it is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static electric fields. The problem is how do we live in this ?box??

Another solution is proposed by the scientists and Canadian activists ( informing the Canadian public about the potential environmental effects associated with various forms of electric and electromagnetic emissions. Their demand to the government includes energy restrictions and power distribution lines outside the city. It is hard to think that this will be soon be possible in Canada and the world, but if so ? .

What it can change? 50 years ago many diseases like cancer, diabetes and many more were not known to the public. Sometimes we heard something about them. The number of electrical sources is rapidly increasing (each new electrical device is a new source, not even considering all the wires). 50 years ago we were not so modern and the usage of electricity was very low. Today we have cellular phones, computers, vehicle gadgets and hundreds of new innovations each year. We used to open car windows using a handle not an electrical switch. My research started when my sister was diagnosed with cancer, caused by the electrical wires behind her apartment. I realized all the aspects as described above. We cannot avoid contact with electrical fields. They are everywhere.

So ? what we can do?

First question I asked myself, ?How do electrical fields affect our health?? Does everyone know what they do? I was surprised here. Not many people know we are constantly being electrocuted. There are not any physical signs, but the effects on our body is devastating. 

Next question ? what is the cause of all the diseases and deterioration in health connected to exposure of electrical fields? We need to look back at history; the symptoms and results of exposure to Geopathic Stress Lines are identical to the exposure to man-made electrical fields. Most of the diseases and health problems connected to the exposure to electrical fields is connected with having a weak body (lack of energy, low immune system, etc.). We know that our body?s defense system is trying to fight EMFs constantly (I have proved it in many experiments). It is the same routine as stress; our defense system is draining all of our body?s energy; leaving us with nothing to fight with. How do you fight an electrical field? We can catch a virus or bacteria, but not an electrical field. It is the same as trying to catch air with your fist. So our body mobilizes all its resources and gets weaker faster. When we do not have energy something is bound to go wrong, usually the weakest part of our body is going down first. If you add in everyday life, stress, sleep problems, wrong food, fatigue? our body does not have a fighting chance. Geopathic Stress Lines and electrical fields are preventing restful revitalizing sleep. Without sleep that allows the body to regenerate, we wake up with less than we had the day before, and eventually disease settles in.

From idea to patents

When we realized our body was suffering from lack of energy, we knew the simple answer was that the body needed good rest. Protection against EMFs in our homes; from Geopathic Stress Lines and electrical fields.

I invented a Neutralizer, a device designed to absorb energy from electrical fields and Geopathic Stress Lines. The Neutralizer provides protection from EMFs (natural and man-made) or ?bad energy? from rising up from ?under our floor?. Now we can enjoy restful sleep. So in practice people with a variety of health problems gain energy and recover.

Do not be deceived, turning off electrical equipment does not stop the problem, the Geopathic Stress Lines remain 24/7 and they are the same strength on the main floor as the top floor of the highest building. Man-made structures are transparent to them.

The next problem is what to do outside of the home. Our device was adopted to be used in vehicles. It significantly decreases the level of fatigue of the driver and passengers. Driving is less stressful, truck drivers sleeping in their truck bed are waking up full of energy and are well rested.
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