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Our products are also scientifically proven to provide non-invasive Magnetopathic Therapy. Magnetopathy for us is like a remote control for your TV.
Each button of the remote sends a specific message to the TV activating one specific function.
The magnetic pulses work the same on our body; different frequencies activating, stimulating or improving overall functionality of different organs and parts of our body.
This therapy is working with a very long list of different health problems with amazing results. Magnetopathic treatment is based on sending all the necessary magnetic waves in frequencies our bodies can use.
The rest is in our body?s ?hands?, and rest assured our body?s know how to use the magnetic pulses. We are experiencing it everyday.

A whole body treatment with magnetic fields can be much stronger then the acupuncture is in many cases.
  • Magnetopathy provides Holistic system of treatment (Holistic health refers to a philosophy of medical care that views physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and equally important approaches to treatment.) Our products provide whole body and specific area Magnetopathic Treatment.
  • By influencing the person either generally or locally with magnetic pulses, the cellular functions can be improved considerably. The pulsating magnetic field has a high biological effectiveness, and is being used in the medical field as a means of therapy and as a diagnostic tool.
  • Magnetopathy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying extremely weak pulsating magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes.
  • Used as complementary non-invasive treatment supporting any therapy with recovery in physical, mental and emotional areas of health or used as an independent therapy
  • Supports a healthy lifestyle, workplace and home environment for whole family
  • Provides therapy without any side effects or any treatment time limitations
  • Strength improvement of the Immune System and help normalize metabolic functions
  • Increases the body?s energy level, boosting the immune system to above the normal levels
  • Improves Central Nerve System stimulation and balance, improves memory, focus and concentration, eliminates "brain fog"
  • Normalizes the production of the Thyroid Glands in the number of months
  • Provides improved calcium transport that increases absorption of calcium in bones and improves the quality of cartilage in joints
  • Stimulates metabolism and increases the amount of oxygen available to all body cells up to 200%.
  • Improves detoxification by increasing the efficiency of the kidneys and liver
  • Stimulates a massaging effect to all parts of the body, increases joint flexibility and muscle relaxation. Reduces legs swelling. Lowers the level of most common pains.
  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body with no effect on the heart rate
  • Has the effect of creating new blood vessels (revascularization).
  • Improves oxygen use by all cells in areas treated with Magnetopathic Therapy improving ionic migration and movement of potassium, chloride, calcium and protein through cell walls.
  • Allows faster regeneration of damaged and inflamed tissues - in effect - faster healing.
  • Improves body - cells energy through cell wall/membrane polarization. In effect boosts the body's defence against inflammation and infections - increases body immunity.
  • And many additional benefits depending on the individual body ability and requirements.

Our products provide whole body and specific area Magnetopathic treatment.
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