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Magnetopathy 2
« on: June 12, 2013, 12:28:20 PM »
There are numerous forms of magnetic field therapy, including static magnetic fields produced by natural or artificial magnets, and pulsating magnetic fields produced by electrical devices.

A whole body treatment with magnetic fields can be much stronger than acupuncture is in many cases. Magnetic fields, like other therapies, can help to rebalance the individual but full recovery is unlikely unless the cause of the problem is also managed. Here is where our other products can help, protection against EMFs.

Pulsating Magnetic Fields penetrate all cells, enhance ion exchange, normalize circulation and increase the oxygen utilization of each cell reaching parts of the body that cannot be influenced efficiently with other methods.
Magnetopathic Therapy uses pulsating magnetic pulses; it is a new and very effective form of physical therapy. It is not a miracle, but simply a bioelectromagnetic-based therapy used to accelerate health and recovery improvement.

By influencing the person either generally or locally with magnetic pulses, the cellular functions can be improved considerably. The pulsating magnetic field has a high biological effectiveness and is being used in the medical field as a means of therapy and as a diagnostic tool.

Magnetopathy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying extremely weak pulsating magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes.

It helps to speed the healing process and improve the quality of mental and physical health without any adverse side effects. Used independently or along with your current treatment, Magnetopathic Therapy is very effective for the relief of discomfort due to joint and muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness; making it an excellent choice for everyone.

Magnetopathy versus Homeopathy

  •    Holistic style of treatment
  •    Holistic system of treatment
  •    Specific frequencies of magnetic pulses stimulate different organs and parts of the body's own healing processes
  •    Homeopathic remedies are to stimulate the body's own healing processes
  •    Law of Similarities - only one frequency is supposed to be the best for a specific organ or part of the body
  •    Law of Similarities - only one remedy is supposed to be the best
  •    Infinitesimal Dose (an extremely weak magnetic pulse applied is more potent that the most strong one)
  •    Infinitesimal Dose (The more diluted a remedy is, the more potent it is.)
  •    Illness is specific to the individual and so a specific frequency is needed for a specific organ or part of his/her body
  •    Illness is specific to the individual
  •    There is no overdose of treatment with Magnetopathy, the magnetic pulses are not accumulating in the human body.
  •    Overdose of treatment can cause problems
  •    Law of One Treatment ? all spectrums of magnetic frequencies needed for the human body is applied at once.    

Magnetopathy is one of the Pulsating Magnetic Field methods balancing the magnetic energy fields in and around your body, thereby allowing your body to heal more naturally.

Compared to known methods, within the range of magnetic fields, all parts of the body are penetrated  completely by the pulsating magnetic field lines.

Magnetic fields cannot be absorbed. We have three types of materials approached by magnetic field: paramagnetic substances concentrating inside the pulsating or magnetic field lines, the diamagnetic substances with decentralization effects of the field lines results and neutral substances.

The human body is only insignificantly diamagnetic and paramagnetic; basically, it is neutral. So whenever field lines impact an organism or parts of it they absolutely permeate these areas. Human and animal organisms consist of a large number of cells which function electrically. These cells have a basic potential that is necessary for normal cellular metabolism.

Diseased or damaged cells have a different potential. If the ions (electrically charged particles surrounding our cells) move into an area of pulsating magnetic fields, they will be influenced by the pulsation. The basic potential of the cell is proportional to the ion exchange occurring at the cell membrane.

The ion exchange is also responsible for the oxygen utilization of the cell. Pulsating magnetic fields can dramatically influence the ion exchange at the cellular level and thereby greatly improve the oxygen utilization of diseased or damaged tissues.

The deterioration of the oxygen utilization is known to be a problem in several medical problems including delayed healing and arthritis of the joints.

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