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Smart meter and my family health
« : March 22, 2017, 12:43:48 AM »
I was not at home when my electric meter was replaced by smart meter. I was no information about it. The same week I start having difficulty in getting to sleep and when I got to sleep, I would wake up several times during the night. After a week I start having muscle cramps, migraines and pain in joints. My day was a nightmare. I was tired after sleepless nights. Initially I blamed weather on it. Next month electric company send a letter informing about changes they made. It was summer and we went on vacation. All symptoms were gone. First night at home and all went back. My wife had problems with sleeping too.

My friend pointed me to Microalpha website. I decided to buy Neutralizer for smart meter protection. Installation was easy. Symptoms go down, but not completely disappeared. My wife was not sleeping well at all.

I send email to microalpha customer service and someone call me back. He explained that I have protection from my smart meter, but surrounding neighbours have the same ugly devices. All of them send signals through my home too. He suggested buying total home protection and I did.

From that moment everything is OK. Five months later cell tower was installed fifty yards away from my home.

It not changed anything. It is 3 years from installation and we are OK thanks to neutralizers from your company.


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