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      Our family never had been healthy and happy. As long as I could remember there were always sleeping problems. Waking up in the morning everybody was always tired and angry because we all had trouble resting and had sleepless nights.

     I was so tired every day, even I didn't work hard. A few coffees a day was a normal routine for me. After dinner I was so sleepy that even coffee didn't help me anymore, so it wasn't easy to be a happy and energetic mother of three young children. I just didn't feel like playing with them or even helping them with their homework. No matter how long I slept I was always tired. It all changed when I bought the NEUTRALIZER. Starting from the next day I could feel the difference, I slept so well. The rest of the family and I couldn't get enough of that "sleeping" for the first few days.

     I had an acute case of adult acne that I had for many years and the medical treatments described by the doctors hadn't changed anything. After 3 weeks from the installation of the Neutralizer the acne was gone for good. I also had a problem with my Thyroid, so I was forced to use some drugs and hormones. It is disappeared also after three months.

     My oldest son had allergies for many years. His health was so poor that he had grey skin, shiny red eyes and no energy at all. Just after few weeks he stopped slowly take the allergy pills. Even his grades in school got better.

     My other two small children were always very hyperactive (ADHD) and were difficult to handle. Just after we bought the Neutralizer, their behavior changed tremendously. My son who has ADHD can now concentrate for much longer and he is taking an active role in many school and other activities. Finally we are a quiet and happy family.

     A few months later we moved into a new house. We were so busy with the renovations and unpacking that we didn't have the Neutralizer connected in the house right away. We had a sleeping problem from the first night we moved in. I explained to myself that it was all about being so tired from moving. Our feelings from day to day were only getting worse, so after a few days I begged my husband to reconnect the Neutralizer again. From that time everything went back to normal and we can never thank "MicroAlpha" enough for helping us live a normal and healthy life.


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