: Infertility - restore from backup - August 11, 2013, 02:16:06 PM  ( 10593 )

Ann K.

My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for almost seven years to have another child and were leaning toward adoption. I had been receiving treatments and taking medications for infertility. At the same time I quit taking Prednisone (a drug I was taking for colon problems).

 I also decided to stop the infertility treatments for six months. During that time (in first month), we had installed Neutralizer.

 In the fourth month I became pregnant!

It's my feeling I could continue on the product for the rest of my life without any ill side effects


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Your story brings me right back to our 9 year infertility struggle. I feel your pain with my whole heart because I was there – we were right there, only a two short years ago. Without a chance of conceiving on our own – a true miracle occurred when we bought total home protection set and pendants for me and my husband. Soon after we found out I was pregnant with our daughter in April 2014. Unlike four prior pregnancies that were lost, this little one managed the unthinkable and is now safely here in our arms. Infertility has also given us many gifts – most importantly, gratitude and very affectionate relationship. There isn’t a single moment of a day that goes by that I can’t stop and reflect on our gratitude to God for bringing us to Microalpha and gives our daughter.
I was afraid that it was a coincidence with Microalpha’s products, but my friend with familiar story have a baby too after she bought the same products from Microalpha.

Now I can say that it happened and it is not a coincidence.


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