Author Topic: Is it more than a simple ground cable with a crystal receiver on the end?  (Read 2535 times)


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I am quite interested to purchase however I would like to be sure it is more than a simple ground cable with a crystal receiver on the end as I noticed the unit has no power and therefore does not cross cancel EMF by any signal transmission.

Please explain to me in more detail how this item actually works?

They work as a filtering system!
Short Explanation!

Posted due to increased demand on physical explanation of functionality of Neutralizer
  • Most EMF Protection Devices on the market either block, shield or harmonize electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), also using Scalar technology or Vortex.
  • MicroAlpha’s Products go ahead of them! Not only do they absorb affecting us part of EMFs, but also convert them to a broad spectrum of beneficial magnetic pulses, so they are no longer harmful to any living organism.
  • All electromagnetic waves (EMFs) passes through Neutralizer’s filtering zone (called protection zone or EMFs free zone). Inside protection zone those EMFs are neutral to any living creatures. So, you have all communication (cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.) working without interruption.
  • You should observe plants, animals and yourself inside this zone. All energy used for fight with EMFs is redirected to do whatever organism’s needs are. On are some photos from our and our clients’ observations. Also to give you fair time for your own observation you have 1 year money back warranty (or for farms two production cycles – two years).

Explanation – simple and in terms of Quantum Mechanics is on separate pages on – just on home page scroll down to the bottom of the page – here are four earth globe icons – all accept one are dedicated to inform about this technology and method of protection.

e.g. cited from one of them :  . . . “It is a new type of advanced electromagnetic converter which absorbs any type of Electromagnetic radiation in the range from 1 Hz to 300 GHz, converts it into energy and stores it, then converts energy into a very broad spectrum of magnetic pulses and finally emits it.” – Peace Ball – Neutralizer discharges collected energy to grounding point only. 

Power source is inside each device – any amount of energy collected is accumulated in storage and used as a power source. This way no one of our products require additional source of energy – this is self-winding method.

Our products work as filters therefore they don’t cross cancel EMF by any signal transmission! How this can be done by crystal???

Also how we have patents if it be a crystal connected or not to grounding point by the wire. Also how we can protect more than a 3 ft in distance from device if it will be a crystal – e.g. 164 ft, 328 ft etc.

How this will be a circular protection, or spherical protection with very specific radius of protection, or vertical circular protection (side protection modules) if it will be a crystal?

We can multiply those questions. If you can point to any device with crystal involved with any protection in range beyond 3 ft please inform us. We are very curious about it.

Also check all our applications, range of protection, type of protection etc. Do you think that crystal can do anything like that? If so, please provide links to this type information.

Another application – Peace Ball or Peace Disk – all what those devices are doing can’t be done with crystal! Check our website.
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