Author Topic: Do you have any advice or protection from the negative EMF's from an Iphone  (Read 2449 times)


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It is no possibility to remove negative EMF from Iphone. If you can do it – phone will be useless. In other words must be turned off.
You will have your cellular phone protected by any type of shielding device etc. If protection will work – your phone should not be operating. Anyway – as we said shielding works. You are protected. What if cell phone transmission tower is from opposite side of your head during phone conversation? Signal from your cellular phone is traveling through your head to transmission tower.

Or maybe you do not have cellular phone. Somebody has conversation in close distance to you and signal from his or her cellular phone travel through you to nearest transmission tower.

I went to this conclusion over 15 years ago. We can’t protect ourselves from exposition to variety of EMFs. What else can be done? EMFs are not affecting us directly unless you will be electrocuted. Our own defense system fights EMFs thinking that they invade your body. 
This fight brings no results, so immune system drains as much energy as body can provide. On the end is no enough energy to do much more. Some task will not be finish correctly.

Then weakest part of the body goes down first or invasion of virus, bacteria or fungus will go out of control, or cancer cells will grow fast and body will be not strong enough to catch them all and neutralize.

What if your body has enough energy to fight EMFs and do what must be done during 24/7 life cycle? Answer on this question is simple. You need to provide this energy. I invented and tested perfect solution during last two decades.

All Neutralizers work like filtering system. Energy passed through protection zone is harmless – body’s defense system is not activated by this energy, so you can rest and regenerate energy for next day. Also Personal Neutralizer – Peace Ball will continue this job anywhere 24/7.
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