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Testimonials / Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
« Last post by its_anto on September 08, 2016, 11:42:46 AM »
Glad you're ok now. My mom too suffered with it and the Peace Disc helped her as well.
Testimonials / Me and My Daughter live HAPPY!
« Last post by its_anto on September 08, 2016, 11:40:04 AM »
Hi my name is Antonella, I myself and my 5 year old daughter wear the MicroAlpha Peace Ball (thanks to my mom who made it all possible after experiencing her own life changes). It has been 2 years of nothing but total enjoyment and life changing for us both. I'll begin with my daughter, she would suffer throat and chest infection quite often. At times I would take her to the hospital as breathing was so shallow due to infection. She was pumped with antibiotics and given puffers yet this was only a temporary fix as we would be back at the clinic or hospital. Now wearing the Peace Ball her breathing is normal no more infections just the regular check ups with her pediatrician. She calls it her "magic ball".
As for myself, I've suffered with a thyroid problems and taking Synthroid for many many years. After 4 months of wearing the Peace Ball I no longer take any medication for my thyroid. Also if I would get cuts or scrapes or even stitches my wounds would heal with ugly purplish keloids. One keloid was so bad from on my left shoulder I went to see a doctor for multiple injections to diminish the look of it. That didn't work. They were simply ugly as I would try to cover the huge keloid on my left shoulder. Well maybe my daughter was right calling it a "magic ball" as I no longer have keloids, NONE!

There is only one thing to say about wearing the Peace Ball and having the EMF Protection Box in my house, it has changed the quality of our lives for the BETTER!

Thank you Zibby for this amazing creation. :)
Testimonials / Re: Chronic lower back and neck pain
« Last post by Zibby on January 25, 2015, 11:34:15 PM »
Ewa80324 had her first Neutralizer AN-5CV (protection from below house) in 2013, after that she had Side protection set AN-8SCVx2 - x2 in 2014.

Her Peace Ball # 33,000 (2013) was upgraded to 77,000 in 2013, 144,000 in 2014 and upgraded to 210.000 in 2014

She had Peace Disks (AN-8C#VF-2level - Neck and AN-8C#VF-4level – L Back) from 2013

Short information about them:

Neutralizer –

Neutralizer is design to absorb “Bad” part of radiation from all known sources like man-made EMFs or natural like Geopathic Stress, Hartman Grid or Curry Net. Our products provide ultimate EMF protection filtering harmful parts of EMFs so they become harmless. They protect us from EMFs. We have designed Neutralizers to protect from specific direction like umbrella.  So you have Neutralizers protecting from energy rising up from under the protected area, from above and from surrounding sides of it. It should be installed in the places where we spend most of our time, especially at home – where we are resting. This allows regenerative rest and maintenance of our body during night sleeping.  Also at that time we accumulate much more energy required during day activities. In the workplace – makes us less tired, work much more effective, also making our work environment much safer.

Peace Ball –

Peace Ball collects all “Bad” Radiation and converts it into wide spectrum of magnetic pulses send back to the body.
•   It activates body’s self-restoration mechanism,
•   speedup regeneration,
•   improve whole body functionality,
•   increase energy,
•   normalize most of the body functions and processes
•   and improve immune system

Peace Disk –

Peace Disk is a flat version of Peace Ball. It provides focused beam of energy (something like flashlight light) directly to the affected spot. It sends much stronger magnetic pulses forcing organs, joints, bones or tissues to regenerate much faster. The effectiveness is beyond western medicine expectations. In addition Peace Disk also significantly lowering most of the pain up to morphine level.

This is just general information. Please ask more specific question.


Testimonials / Post reply
« Last post by TetragTuro on January 24, 2015, 04:31:15 AM »
Sorry, that I interfere, but I need a little more information .
Testimonials / Post reply
« Last post by Michaelgag on January 23, 2015, 09:41:49 PM »
   ... Since we received the Geopathic Stress Active Neutralizer, we have had ample time and situations to experience the benefits of this product. It truly has confirmed its claim, specifically in regard to physical energy (or the lack of it, as in the past).    When I had gone over my limits previously it took me days of rest to recover and replenish my strength.    Now a day of ease is all that I need or barely even that much at times.    The difference is quite remarkable. I am grateful for results.    My husband has also noticed the improvement in his energy level.    We are thankful and appreciate the positive changes in us.

This something is a good idea and I support .
Testimonials / Re: Happy New 2015 year
« Last post by Zibby on January 07, 2015, 09:01:31 PM »
Every end is just a new beginning.

Keep your spirits and determination unshaken and you shall always walk the glory road.

With courage, faith and efforts you shall conquer everything you desire.

We will conquer all surrounding us EMFs!

I wish you a very happy new year.
First we need to know from where you are expecting EMFs attack!

Depends on this you can have proper protection.

You can have protection from particular direction or total home protection – providing protection from any and every direction.

In addition if you by any chance have smart meter you should add protection from power equipment placed on wall (inside your home) behind smart meter.

We divided Neutralizers into 3 groups as you can see pictured above.

First group [1] is designed to protect against EMF radiation approaching from below the Neutralizer’s position. This Neutralizer should be located on the lowest level of protected area (e.g. basement floor). If you are concerned that moisture or water invading your basement will affect the Neutralizer’s functioning, our Neutralizers are 100% waterproof.

Second group [2] of Neutralizers works like an umbrella and protects from all radiation from above (including cosmic radiation) with the exception explained below. Neutralizer from this group should be located in the highest level of protected area (building etc.) above your head – e.g. on upper shelf in your closet or attic.

Third group [3] protects from any EMFs invading your house (protected object) from any side (e.g. Smart Meters, Wi-Fi, Cell towers, etc.). This set of Neutralizers works like walls surrounding your living space. Here you have a variety of possible options. We suggest the set of two dual modules located as you see on the picture above in opposite corners of protected object.

You can determine Neutralizer from the first group [1] based on the size of total square footage of protected house, apartment or large house (building, object).

Second group [2] – protection from above for any house, apartment or large house is the same Neutralizer AN-4SCV. For any bigger object, apartment building farm or industrial building contact us directly.

For the third group [3] we are recommending one set for all (apartment, house, mansion, office and barn or land area) in range of total (– all - floors with basement, barn or land) up  to 10,000 square ft - Side Severe EMFs’ Protection Module - Rectangular set of Dual Protection Modules AN-8SCVx2 - x2 set of 2 AN-8SCVx2 Dual Protection Module only for regular rectangular configuration

For any other configuration and corresponding prices please refer to appropriate section of our website.

Exception – all Neutralizers are not protecting against heavy radiation like x-rays - (gamma) or heavy particles (beta and alpha). They protect only against wide spectrum of EMFs (from 0.01 Hz to over 300 GHz)

More information about Neutralizers and other MicroAlpha’s EMF protecting devices you can find on websites:   "Today and Tomorrow" - Solar Storm Defense Supply Store provides devices designed to protect against Severe Solar Storms and Geomagnetic Vortexes "Quantum Neutralizers" - Neutralizer protects you against devastating electrical radiation. Highly innovative products & solutions for improvement of health, energy, stamina, focus, concentration, etc. It can turn your life back around even with Earth’s weak geomagnetic field.   "Surviving Solar Storms" - Protection against devastating effects of Solar Storms and Geomagnetic Vortexes are explain in detail on this website.   "Lightning Free Zone" - protection against even Severe Lightning and deep explanation of this phenomena is on this website.

Testimonials / Happy New 2015 year
« Last post by OlgaKostz on January 06, 2015, 08:50:55 AM »
Best my wishes and Happy New Year, friends!
I believe, 2015 - will be the Best Year for me and You!
More funny and luck! Thank You.
Questions and Answers / Which product is best to protect from EMF in your whole h
« Last post by ThomasPaf on January 06, 2015, 04:48:22 AM »
is there a thing here where you can be safe from attacks if you have just gone from a duel?

Testimonials / Happy 2015 year!
« Last post by OlgaSpains on January 05, 2015, 07:44:36 AM »
Best my wishes in a new 2015 year!
Let's tell about plans in a new 2015 year.
I believe, 2015 - will be the Best Year for me and You!
More funny and luck! Thank You.
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