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Title: Protected by Neutralizers
Post by: Zibby on December 02, 2013, 10:51:55 PM
We divided Neutralizers into 3 groups as you see on the picture below.
The fist group [1] is designed to protect against EMF radiation approaching from below the Neutralizer’s position. This Neutralizer should be located on the lowest level of protected area (e.g. basement floor).  If you are concerned that moisture or water invading your basement will affect the Neutralizer’s function – we design 100% waterproof Neutralizers.

Second group [2] of Neutralizers works like an umbrella that protects from all radiation from above (including cosmic radiation) with exception explained below. Neutralizer from this group should be located in the highest level of protected area (building etc.) above your head – e.g. on upper shelf in your closet or attic.

Third group [3] protects your house (protected object) from any EMFs invading from any side (e.g. Smart Maters, Wi-Fi). This set of Neutralizers works like walls surrounding your living space. Here you have a variety of possible options. We suggest the set of two dual modules located as you see on the picture above in opposite corners of the protected object.

You can determine Neutralizer from the first group [1] based on the size of total square footage of protected house, apartment or large house (building, object).

Second group [2] – protection from above for any house, apartment or large house is the same Neutralizer AN-4SCV. For any bigger object, apartment building farm or industrial building contact us directly.

For the third group [3] we are recommending one set for all (apartment, house, mansion, office and barn or land area) in range of total (– all - floors with basement, barn or land) up  to 10,000 square ft - Side Severe EMFs’ Protection Module - Rectangular set of Dual Protection Modules AN-8SCVx2 - x2 set of 2 AN-8SCVx2 Dual Protection Module only for regular rectangular configuration

For any other configuration and corresponding prices please refer to appropriate section of our website.

Exception – all Neutralizers are not protecting against heavy radiation like x-rays - (gamma) or heavy particles (beta and alpha). They protect only against wide spectrum of EMFs (from 0.01 Hz to over 300 GHz)

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