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Testimonials / Re: Low energy
« Last post by Ralph B on December 08, 2016, 11:38:45 AM »
Before I bought “Home protection set” and Pendant, I usually got at least once pneumonia and number of colds per year. Since installation I've not had a single cold or pneumonia in last 3 years. Also, my energy is significantly increased. After a full day of working in construction, I have enough energy to have bicycle ride 5 miles every day. I can't be sure that Microalpah devices are responsible for my improved health and energy. I don't know what else can explain it as I haven't made any other changes in my life.
Testimonials / ADD, Concentration, Memory, Focus and Energy
« Last post by Recovered Zoja on December 02, 2016, 05:56:14 PM »
I have Neutralizers and Peace Ball since April, 2007. I have better circulation in my body, and one toe on my left foot isn't numb any more. My back and neck pain have greatly diminished. My monthly period doesn't bother me as much.I have better concentration, and when I do misplace something I find it right away as I can think - remember where I put it.

I am less emotional and have no feeling of bloating or heavy cramping. MicroAlpha products have been a truly blessing for me.

The floaters in my eyes are greatly diminished, and my eyes are not sensitive to the sun.
When I'm in conversation I don't forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence and continue with ease where I left off.

I get sinus colds and bronchial related problems regularly. No more!

 was infected by ugly flu and I noticed everything was beginning to regress. Overnight I was fighting with it. Next morning I was OK. That bad virus has put many people in the hospital or kept them at home for weeks.

Peace Ball has given me more energy, and very good sound sleep. I wake up rested and regenerated with energy to go all day.

It is helping me to lose weight and keep it off as it seems to curb my appetite. I am eating good food, too, and walking every day. I haven't felt this good in years, and I am 48 years old to date.

SIMPLY TRY IT and let Neutralizers and Peace Ball help you feel better!
Testimonials / Re: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
« Last post by Kim on December 01, 2016, 10:05:03 AM »
My name is Kim. When I was 17 years old I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was very weak. In age of 27 I had my periods stopped. I struggled day by day. I had good days and off days! I was 27 when I was introduced to the Microalpha Neutrylizers. I was looking for a business that could support me in times when I could not work, as I had been very sick that winter. I decided to try it even I knew it couldn't help me. I believed that Microalpha devices did help people but I didn't think I could be that lucky. Within 3 days I was jumping off the ceilings - I had so much energy!!! Was it that? I was not sure. So I did some little checks to see if my sugar moved - it was stable! Headaches that lasted for DAYS were now only a couple of hours long and the headaches went away without medication. My period within 3 months came back to a normal period cycle and my skin over the next few months improved.

The only negative I have is that I put on weight - I guess that is because I go out now to nice restaurants and cafes sharing about Neutrylizers to the world everyday!
Testimonials / Re: Fibromyalgia
« Last post by Sarah on November 14, 2016, 01:58:12 PM »
Microalpha was introduced to me by my ND Doctor. She told me how it had helped her with headaches, sleeping and her chronic fatigue syndrome and I was intrigued. When I returned home, I researched the web site and saw that this was aabout and decided to try. I ordered Home set and Personal protection over the internet.

My husband joined me, he was very skeptical. He does not take any supplements but when the research showed many good results he decided to try it too.

Do you know what fibromyalgia is about?
I had been experiencing body aches and pains for a long time. I was looking for relief from that.
Over the years I had tried all what I can get on the base of “hopes” for fibro but they were not working or in the best work for short time. I had a car accident 8 years ago and fibromyalgia was a result of that and my husband had damaged his lower back and hip and had very bad lower back pains from that time.

I didn’t know what to expect from this protection. Now I can share my experience with you. It is passing fourth year from the time I bought it. 

I start with good sleep I was dreaming about for 8 years. Then I realized that my muscles are in better shape. In a few months they went almost to the normal. My muscles recovered from muscle cramps and knots. I was craving for bananas, lemon juice, oranges and mandarins. My ND doctor told me that I need more potassium and vitamin c.

My brain was not foggy anymore and year later I was surprised with memories from time I was in acute form of fibromyalgia. I had all over stickers with notes. My short term memory was gone. Now I remember a lot from that time.

Yes, sometime when weather is bad or stress is increased (normal life situations) I start feeling some muscle pain. It is gone in a day or two. It is all what is left from fibromyalgia and pain is not elevating over 3-4 in 10 point pain scale.
I no longer take audiophiles for bowel concerns, I feel great with the refreshing sleep.

The soles of my feet had been in extreme pain for over a year and half. I couldn’t walk without a cane.  I could find no relief. One week after home set installation I was able to get up without pain. It has not come back!

I have a couple of joints that need complete healing.  I bought 3 Peace Disks and taped them to my joints. A rainy day does not bother me anymore, but it is the one thing that is taking the longest time for complete recovery. They are almost as good as before my health problems.

My husband got out of bed one morning and remarked he had no lower back pain! He stretched, twisted, bent over and pain was gone. The muscle cramps in his calves from injuries were gone too.

Energy, I can keep up and enjoy a day. I can cook a meal, I can enjoy friends, I can work at my business with Peace Ball and Peace Disks. I am having fun again.
Testimonials / Re: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
« Last post by Mark on November 10, 2016, 05:04:44 PM »
I just finish 17 when the doctor told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I caught lots of colds, coughed and seemed to get the winter bug each year more and more. I have a lot of ups and plenty of downs. I often felt like I had morning sickness. It took about 3 years before it was at least under something like control. I lost all the energy I had as a teen, I was addicted to chocolate.

11 years later I started having more problems with keeping my energy on minimum level. I started getting headaches every day. They would last for weeks. Nothing helped. I was checked for tumors, and other possible reasons for the headaches. I been addicted to pain killers, I would reluctantly use them if desperate.

I was told about Neutralizers 2 years later. There were more than 20 of us at this seminar. We all seemed to suffer with something, from arthritis, back pain, heart disease, diabetics, women’s problems, bone injury, sleeping disorders, and lack of energy.

So I thought what have I to lose? They give 1 year “money back” warranty.

I tried the “Home” set and “personal” pendant and the results were amazing. We all got results and now I tell everyone. My sugar is perfect, energy as if I was 16 years old, no colds, no flu, no pain killers, the headaches are all gone. No signs of chronic Fatigue.

It is almost 1 year from that meeting and I have back my life. I am enjoying every day with confidence that tomorrow will be another “miracle” day like today.
Testimonials / Re: Headaches
« Last post by Wanda on November 08, 2016, 08:04:12 PM »
My son, my husband, and I suffer from migraine headaches with intense pain.

We install home set three (3) years ago.

After a few days we had no more headaches! One day we would like to test Neutralizers and my husband disconnected them all. In less than one (1) hour both my husband and I felt a headache coming on, so we wait one (1) more hour to be sure that it is that. My husband connects them again and symptoms released almost immediately.

It has been such a relief and enjoyment to finally be able to go through the days and weeks without these devastating headaches. Set of Neutralizers for Home Protection has really helped our family!

No more Migraine and Headaches!
Best investment!
Doctors had no idea how to help us!
Testimonials / I Changed My Mind!
« Last post by Karen on November 05, 2016, 06:43:42 PM »
I first heard about Neutralizers from a co-worker who is a distributor. I bought my first Neutralizer from him, because I wanted to help him with his business. I did not plan to buy any more, because I did not believe that it was as beneficial as my co-worker claimed.
After three days from installation, I was ecstatic. Soon after, I was doubtful again.
It was incredible. I really didn't want to believe that this strange “box” was all it was said to be.

Many symptoms began to disappear, I became more mentally alert, and I began to do things that I had put off for months.

"Just what is this MicroAlpha stuff?" I asked. It was like discovering a gold nugget after panning for a week. If this invention can make me a believer, it can make me a success, because I know firsthand that the testimonials behind it are credible and sincere.
Testimonials / My pregnancy
« Last post by Nora94 on November 04, 2016, 10:28:06 PM »
My name is Nora and I live in Riekofen, Bavaria, Germany.

I have 9 year old child and 3 years old. I am 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child.

It is so hard when you are in the last stages of a pregnancy. In the past I lost lots of iron and nutrients and was mostly in bed for the past month. I was weak.

Our friend recommended home protection set, Pendant and Tablet. On the third day, I felt fantastic. I feel so great; I have never felt this good with the pregnancies at this stage.

I have been functioning from 7am morning all day and all night without rest, and I still feel great.

The children are now much calmer.

My husband has more energy and is sleeping much better.

It's fantastic to have such support for the whole family
Testimonials / Low energy
« Last post by Eva on October 28, 2016, 09:05:16 PM »
I had no spark, low energy, went on many diets even joined a gym to try to get back into shape.  I was told by my doctor that I was in the ‘normal’ range.  My friend told me about how Neutralizer and Peace Ball had helped her, so after tying EVERYTHING I know avail.  I contacted MicroAlpha, installed Neutralizers (home set) and start wearing Peace Ball, and now ‘my normal’ is fit, energetic, happy, and very thankful for MicroAlpha products.
Testimonials / Mysterious symptoms
« Last post by Joy on October 26, 2016, 11:50:14 AM »
The first I was very sceptical. I tried almost everything and nothing was working. Than I was thinking that I deceived myself and it is a placebo. After that I had no time to come back (as most of us) and past over 2 years. If you are reading my message, please come back, don’t be so lazy (I was) and share your experience – it can help others.

Unfortunately, my medical story is all too common. “Mysterious” symptoms, undiagnosed for long periods of time. Or worse, my problems were “diagnosed” as depression, stress and many other labels given when a condition is seemingly difficult to understand.

This was my situation, starting at age 41 and lasting until age 57, when I heard about and met with Zibby. That day, the direction of my life began to change from hopelessness to hope; from resignation to the possibility of gaining back some measure of health.

There really are no adequate words to describe working with scientists like Zibby. His expertise alone would be enough to discuss at length, but it does not end there. His personal concern and care for me, as his client, adds so very much to the experience of being treated, seeing and feeling results, and looking forward to a lifestyle previously thought to be completely unavailable to someone with my medical issues.

It has been almost a 3 years since installing Neutralizers and using Peace Ball. I upgraded Peace Ball few times since. The improvements are astounding. There is more work to be done, but I know I am on the right track now. For that, I am truly grateful.
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