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Questions and Answers - 2 / How do I know my Immune System is overloaded?
« Last post by Zibby on June 12, 2013, 11:46:34 AM »
Here are some symptoms and signals of an overtired Immune System:
  • Psychological or physical stress
  • Feeling constantly fatigued to the extent everyday life is difficult
  • Migraines often
  • Often depressed and irritable
  • Weakened Immune System leads to disease
  • Not responding to medical treatments
  • Not refreshed after a night?s sleep
  • Hyperactivity or aggression
  • Chronic or repeating illnesses
  • Night cramps
  • Feeling cold
  • Tingling numbness in hands and feet
  • Insomnia
Questions and Answers / Is it possible to be protected against electrical fields?
« Last post by Zibby on June 11, 2013, 05:18:45 PM »
Is it possible to decrease accidents on the most dangerous intersections and road segments?

Historically we can identify two types of electrical fields we face every day. The most known (electricity) was invented around 300 years ago. We know some that is much older. Ancient people have had with them and their problems too. Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205 - 2197 BC) promulgated an edict (effective to this day) which reads: ?No dwelling shall be built before the earth diviners haven?t confirmed the intended building site to be free of earth demons (earth radiations known today as Geopathic Stress Lines).? TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has long known about the influences of hidden, i.e. generally invisible,  earth radiations. Ancient Romans had their own way. Rome Legions occupied West Europe (today France). They had protected their military objects against Geopathic Stress. Protections are active today, even fortifications are demolished.

Geopathic Stress Lines are deteriorated parts of electromagnetic wave radiating spherically from the center of the Earth. Somehow our body?s defense (immune) system has an aversion to them and always fights them.

Electro-Magnetic Fields have two faces ? electrical fields and magnetic fields. Without going into the physical interpretation, it is important to understand that electrical fields are dangerous to our health (numerous scientific researches prove this). These are opposite to magnetic fields, which influence our bodies in beneficial ways.

How we can protect ourselves?

Simplest protection is called ?Faraday Cage?, invented in 1836 by Englishmen and physicist Michael Faraday, it is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static electric fields. The problem is how do we live in this ?box??

Another solution is proposed by the scientists and Canadian activists ( informing the Canadian public about the potential environmental effects associated with various forms of electric and electromagnetic emissions. Their demand to the government includes energy restrictions and power distribution lines outside the city. It is hard to think that this will be soon be possible in Canada and the world, but if so ? .

What it can change? 50 years ago many diseases like cancer, diabetes and many more were not known to the public. Sometimes we heard something about them. The number of electrical sources is rapidly increasing (each new electrical device is a new source, not even considering all the wires). 50 years ago we were not so modern and the usage of electricity was very low. Today we have cellular phones, computers, vehicle gadgets and hundreds of new innovations each year. We used to open car windows using a handle not an electrical switch. My research started when my sister was diagnosed with cancer, caused by the electrical wires behind her apartment. I realized all the aspects as described above. We cannot avoid contact with electrical fields. They are everywhere.

So ? what we can do?

First question I asked myself, ?How do electrical fields affect our health?? Does everyone know what they do? I was surprised here. Not many people know we are constantly being electrocuted. There are not any physical signs, but the effects on our body is devastating. 

Next question ? what is the cause of all the diseases and deterioration in health connected to exposure of electrical fields? We need to look back at history; the symptoms and results of exposure to Geopathic Stress Lines are identical to the exposure to man-made electrical fields. Most of the diseases and health problems connected to the exposure to electrical fields is connected with having a weak body (lack of energy, low immune system, etc.). We know that our body?s defense system is trying to fight EMFs constantly (I have proved it in many experiments). It is the same routine as stress; our defense system is draining all of our body?s energy; leaving us with nothing to fight with. How do you fight an electrical field? We can catch a virus or bacteria, but not an electrical field. It is the same as trying to catch air with your fist. So our body mobilizes all its resources and gets weaker faster. When we do not have energy something is bound to go wrong, usually the weakest part of our body is going down first. If you add in everyday life, stress, sleep problems, wrong food, fatigue? our body does not have a fighting chance. Geopathic Stress Lines and electrical fields are preventing restful revitalizing sleep. Without sleep that allows the body to regenerate, we wake up with less than we had the day before, and eventually disease settles in.

From idea to patents

When we realized our body was suffering from lack of energy, we knew the simple answer was that the body needed good rest. Protection against EMFs in our homes; from Geopathic Stress Lines and electrical fields.

I invented a Neutralizer, a device designed to absorb energy from electrical fields and Geopathic Stress Lines. The Neutralizer provides protection from EMFs (natural and man-made) or ?bad energy? from rising up from ?under our floor?. Now we can enjoy restful sleep. So in practice people with a variety of health problems gain energy and recover.

Do not be deceived, turning off electrical equipment does not stop the problem, the Geopathic Stress Lines remain 24/7 and they are the same strength on the main floor as the top floor of the highest building. Man-made structures are transparent to them.

The next problem is what to do outside of the home. Our device was adopted to be used in vehicles. It significantly decreases the level of fatigue of the driver and passengers. Driving is less stressful, truck drivers sleeping in their truck bed are waking up full of energy and are well rested.
Questions and Answers / Back to safety on the road
« Last post by Zibby on June 11, 2013, 05:14:52 PM »
Repeating this important statement- our body acts against Geopathic Stress Lines and electrical fields the same way as virus and bacteria invasions. Our immune system activates all accessible mechanisms and routines for this fight. Problems appear when all the energy is drained from our body (this fight uses all the energy one body can provide).

Picture a driver on the road. Tired from being constantly focused on the road, lack of energy from fighting again EMFs, he/she can easily fall asleep behind the wheel. Now we come to the problem of the most dangerous intersections and sections of the road or street; where the causes and number of accidents cannot be explained by the road condition, bad road design or bad technical condition of the vehicle.

We know there are some other factors that are not considered due to the lack of scientific evidence. Geopathic Stress Lines as well as electrical fields from wires buried under the road surface belong to them. In Warsaw, Poland an experiment was conducted with protection in such places; and in a polish newspaper Zycia Warszawy from 28 10 2008 the results were described (here is the link to this article in the Polish language,301146_Rozdzka_w_asfalt.html).

The mechanism leading to these type of road accidents...

The Driver ? tired, sick, had restless sleep. This has weakened thier immune system. Then they drive through an intersection, underneath the road is a concentrated cluster of energy from crossed Geopathic Stress Lines and/or electrical wires. He/She reacts mobilizing all their energy that is left in the body to fight against this powerful group of EMFs. In extreme cases the brain could be disconnected for a millisecond from controlling the rest of the body. It is enough to cause poor react time on the road... the rest is known.

more in "TRANSPORTATION" section
Questions and Answers / How works Neutralizer for Car?
« Last post by Zibby on June 11, 2013, 05:11:06 PM »
Neutralizer absorbs "BAD" energy in circular range (like umbrella, but from opposite direction) with radius based on the type of Neutralizer. Now our body can peacefully rest instead of fight or can do anything else, like driving the car comfortably (basic Neutralizer for car AN-6CV) or safely driving through an intersection like the one described above.

Installation is very simple (Neutralizer for car or truck - AN-6CV ) and does not require a specialist. Only one factor, the green colored grounding wire must be connected to a grounding point. If there is any metal screw connected to the metal body of the car, we need to unscrew it and attach our wire to the body of the car using that screw.

Combined with a personal device a vehicle neutralizer gives your body phenomenal rest while you drive. The personal device (Peace Ball) converts absorbed ?Bad? energy into magnetic pulses, ?Good? energy (regenerating and refreshing our body), and sends them back to our body.
Questions and Answers / Experiences on the road and Truck Drivers
« Last post by Zibby on June 11, 2013, 05:10:05 PM »
Here are fragments from letters:

Man, 12 years driving a truck, part of his testimonial "? The "box" made my life on the road much easier. I do not exactly know how it works, but after sleeping in the truck I wake up in the morning fresh and ready to work (even after just a few hours of sleeping). Also I do not feel as tired at the end of the day of driving. I do feel that I am much more relaxed since I have the "magic box" in my truck. I can drive or work for more hours now without a headache or becoming tired. And I really sleep well now, regardless of all the stresses coming with the job. ?" The device is installed in the truck. This is a 1 ? year observation.

 Woman, over 40 years of driving, part of her testimonial "? The device installed in the car has made driving in a very busy area of the city an enjoyable and restful experience. I was always on alert because of the dangerous drivers which made me very nervous and tired every time I drove the car. Now I am completely rested and relaxed and not becoming overtired when driving. The safety factor has increased because I am not stressed and I am calm when driving. ? ". This is a 1 year observation.

Woman, over 30 years of driving, part of her testimonial "? I asked myself what that device installed in my car did for my driving. I drove the loop as usual - around 300 km from Kitchener to Toronto and back to Kitchener. Normally I was so tired that I had a hard time to get out of the car after driving such a long distance. Now I can drive twice the distance and I am not in the least bit tired - It is great! ?" This is a 9 month observation.
Questions and Answers / How car protection works?
« Last post by Zibby on April 10, 2013, 04:36:49 PM »
Thanks for your great EMF protection and neutralization devices. I am not remembering on this point right now: But does the neutralizer device when put into the car only protect from negative EMF's from earth, or does it also neutralize the negative EMF's from the electrical components of the car?

Neutralizer AN-6CV protects only from earth.

We have devices protecting from above and from sides.

Always you must have protection between you and source of the problems, so no one product on whole world will be able to protect you from everything at once. also side protection Neutralizers protect from WIFI, Smart Meters etc. ---- SIDE PROTECTION for homes and for cars

In addition ? very important information ?

California research conducted by University of California, Berkeley provides another information[1]  ??The baseline 400 Hz inductive power transfer system for the main test track and electric bus (third generation) produces an electromagnetic flux density of about 100 mG (milli-Gauss) for passengers inside the bus, and 30 to 60 mG at chest height for passengers in conventional cars located above the powered roadway. Pedestrians who walk across the powered roadway inductor are exposed to 10,000 mG at a height of 1 ft and about 1,000 mG at a height of 4 ft above the center of the inductor?s conductor slot. For a pedestrian walking along a sidewalk parallel to the powered roadway, at a distance of 15 feet from the center of the powered lane, the flux density is in the range of 50 mG. ?

        ... It is also useful to note for comparison that the Florida state regulatory standard for magnetic flux density at the periphery of an electric utility transmission line right of way ranges from 150 to 250 mG. ...

        ... The electromagnetic field effects of the fourth-generation design were reduced by the same measures that were used to reduce acoustic noise: higher operating frequency, lower roadway current and field cancellation windings along the outer edges of the roadway inductor. These led to reductions of the magnetic flux density to about 1000 mG at a height of 1 ft and about 100 mG at a height of 4 ft above the center of the conductor slot, with similar reductions by about one order of magnitude for the flux densities at locations near the roadway inductor and two orders of magnitude at larger distances to the side (10 ft or more). ...?

[1] Fragment from research reports - Institute of Transportation Studies, California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways, University of California, Berkeley - ?Highway Electrification and Automation?, Year 1992, Paper UCB-ITS-PRR-92-17 by Steven E. Shladover 

I would like to know which product is best to protect from EMF in your whole house, and where do you put it or does it need any installation.
I do work on laptop a lot and cell phones, which is best for protection. Also in my bedroom we have TV and computer , which is the best protection for it.

Installation is simple for any Neutralizer. It not requires special tools or experience. Every Neutralizer comes with installation instruction.
  • You should have Neutralizer AN-4CV (for house over 2,500 sq ft total area ? incl. basement) or AN-5CV (for house below 2,500 sq ft) for protection from below ? installed in basement or on main floor (house without basement). This Neutralizer protects entire house from anything rising from below house. This should be installed in on the lowest floor (e.g. basement).
  • Neutralizer AN-4SCV for protection from above. Today this is also critical because cosmic radiation licks through geomagnetic shielding. This radiation affects everyone. This one should be installed on the upper floor above your head (e.g. on the top shelve on bookshelves).
  • For protection from multi-directional electromagnetic waves traveling across Earth's surface (those EMF?s come from smart meters, cell phone towers and other technology) you should have set Side Protection Neutralizers. Installation directions and information is on our website. You can pick any set ? all works the same way.
  • Finally for any contact with EMFs (like from computer, laptop, cellular phones, TV, microwave and other electric equipment including your car) you should have Personal Protection Neutralizer ? Peace Ball.

You will be surprised on benefits you can have from all those protection!
Questions and Answers / Airport non-x-ray Scanners (Gates)
« Last post by Zibby on April 08, 2013, 02:18:32 PM »
What can you tell me about the negative effects of the airport non-x-ray scanners, effects on the body? Does peace ball protect?

Non-x-ray scanners work the same way as any inductive sensors. They create very strong EMF. Any metal object in this gate (electromagnetic loop) change those loop balance (charge significant amount of energy from the gate). This will activate alarm system. Each gate has ability to adjust level of sensitivity ? so sometime gate is more sensitive than other are.

Yes ? this will affect our health even if you will cross this gate. Some people (especially electro-sensitive) will have difficulties with this gate. If your immune system is extremely weak you may experience in extreme situation momentary blackout (brain will be disconnected from body for millisecond). These type problems occur on the most dangerous intersections and sections of the road where significant amount of accidents without reasonable causes is. 

From my experience we can blame for this underground radiation rising up in those places. Body's defense system uses all energy from the body to fight with this radiation and brain could be disconnected for millisecond because of luck of energy. This prevents proper driver reaction for fracture of second ? enough to lead to accident. This could be prove by installing Neutralizer in such spots.

Peace Ball will compensate drainage of energy from the body to fight with EMFs from Scanners. Some very sensitive scanners can detect Peace Ball the same way as some necklace. Peace Ball has antenna to absorb energy from any EMF source.

Definitely Peace Ball will prevent damage from scanners.
Questions and Answers / Re: Brest Cancer
« Last post by Zibby on March 04, 2013, 08:13:01 PM »
Yes. Here is what our products could do for you.

Let me explain it.

We can improve your life in two areas:

  • EMFs Protection ? all our products are design to protect you against EMFs. We know that exposition to EMFs drastically increases risk of developing cancer.
  • Improving your body ? EMFs protection allows your body effectively regenerate energy. All energy normally used to fight with EMFs will be used to improve your body. Also your defense system can focus on protection against cancer instead of wasting energy in fights with EMFs.  In addition magnetic pulses (results of ?BAD? energy conversion into ?GOOD? broad spectrum of magnetic pulses your body is looking for) generated by Peace Ball during penetration through your body improve each and every part of it.

You can say that this will prevent potential risk of developing cancer and other health problems, also improve faster recovery because your body will be much stronger, more energetic, more relaxed, with better absorption of vitamins and minerals, higher level of oxygen and less stressed.

Is it enough?  From our experience it is. Our clients admitted that our products improved life beyond their expectation.

Prove of it is in our Money Back Warranty Policy ? we recently extended it to 1 YEAR for all our clients and to 2 YEARS for agriculture related products. Please find other products with such Money Back Warranty.
Questions and Answers / Brest Cancer
« Last post by Inga on February 28, 2013, 10:12:31 PM »
Can your products do anything for me?
I just had breast cancer removed. I am so afraid that could be next.
Is anything you can do about that?
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