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Honeybees Vanishing Worldwide Affected By One Global Killer!

All factors listed below are responsible for Honeybees vanishing worldwide but there is


behind them. We discovered it and remedy too!


Our research has shown that a significant factor in Honeybees vanishing worldwide is Earth’s rapidly decreasing geomagnetic field.

This affects all living creatures, not only bees. Weaker species are disappearing first.

Longevity Experiment: Insects An interesting research project with insects has shown them to have an increased life spans of 5 times when placed in an increased magnetic field like that provided by our equipment.

Further investigations on the effects of magnetism on human cells have shown a two and a half times increase in longevity.

We moved to our new location in February 2010.

It is on one acre of property.

By the end of summer 2010 we found (in addition to many rare birds and other spices accommodated here surprisingly for our neighbors) wild Bumble Bees and regular Bees finding home in our protected by Neutralizers garden shed.


Due to number of requests we are pleased to give you a background explanation for protection and prevention explained here    z_clz

It is the same explanation as for the vegetable, unusual growth in the pictures shown below. We understand that it is extraordinary and hard to believe, but ...
If you have any questions beyond what is on this page, please contact us and we will be glad to talk.    z_clz

A Bee’s immune system acts the same way as a humans (we observed the same type of reactions in plants, animals and humans).

A human’s health is drastically improved only by shielding them from EMFs during night rest and is boosted up by the use of a personal protection device (Peace Ball).

Plants (especially evergreens) grow much faster and green accumulation is above expectation.

Animals react the same way as humans.

It is no doubt that insects react the same way. In genetic chain insects are between plants and animals. Also, the Longevity experiment proved that an insect’s organism is much stronger and healthier due to exposure to a stronger magnetic field.

Water - the cradle of life . . .

Water is one of the best EMF protective materials. This factor prevents standard communications with submarines. They need to use other ways to "see" under water instead of radars. They use sound (sonar). Unfortunately we have high frequency transmission - Cellular communication. Those EMFs have ability to penetrate much better water environment.

During one of MicroAlpha field experiments we were protecting whole garden with pond against surrounding EMFs. In the middle of May we place 5 Goldfish into pond (size 3-4 in). In the middle of August they triple their size and was around 200 newborn fish. The oldest were the same 3-4 in size as the parents on start-up. Also whole vegetation drastically accelerated in size and quantity.



Only Total Farm Protection is adequate for today Toxic EMFs

Total farm protection    z_clz

Also previously used Neutralizers for protection from below and Above are here:




As you saw on the previous picture, winter and spring mortality of Bee Colonies is increasing drastically, while at the same time the geomagnetic field of the Earth is rapidly decreasing. In last 3 years the Earth's Geomagnetic Field decreased the same amount as in the previous 1200 years.


As we know last twenty years is devastating for Bee population.

Why?   z_clz

OLD Method of Protection

     Both Neutralizers should be placed centered in the middle of the hives colony. They are design to provide shelter for bees in the range of protection against all EMFs (electromagnetic fields). This will provide increase the strength of the bees immune system during active time and during hibernation.
Old Method of Protection

Set of two Neutralizers for OLD Method of Protection

NEUTRALIZER FOR FARMS including BEE    z_clz

You can choose the older method described below

How it works and how we apply it

Please look on the picture below!