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Honey Bee

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limited life time guarantee
2 years money back guarantee
Due to climate changes and unpredictable weather conditions we are increasing the "MONEY BACK WARRANTY" for Farms, Nurseries, Vineyards, Honey Bee Farms and other agricultural type businesses. You will now have a "2 YEAR MONEY BACK WARRANTY" from the date of your order.

New Method of Protection

     Both Neutralizers should be placed centered in the middle of the hives colony. They are design to provide shelter for bees in the range of protection against all EMFs (electromagnetic fields). This will provide increase the strength of the bees immune system during active time and during hibernation.
New Method of Protection

Set of two Neutralizers for New Method of Protection

NEUTRALIZER FOR FARMS including BEE    z_clz

You can choose the old method described below

How it works and how we apply it

Please look on the picture below!
  • A Neutralizer stops electric radiation from underground (both man-made and harmful natural occurrences- Geopathic Stress lines, Hartman Greed, Curry Net etc.) in a specific circular zone. Each neutralizer has information about the radius of the protected zone. All bee colonies should be located in these zones.
  • A Peace Ball collects energy from the surrounding space, converts it into broad spectrum of magnetic pulses (in the range and level of bio-energetic needs of living creatures) and sends it out spherically.

    Bee protection

    This will significantly improve the state of health and immunity of every life form. To prove it we will offer a 1 year warranty money back warranty (one production cycle)

    2 year money back warranty (2 production cycles) from the date of your order.

    A Peace Ball improves the state of health of any living creature.

    It is recommended to pair together with a Neutralizer, but there is no obligation to have them both.

    Neutralizers are used for farm's to protect all living creatures and plants A Peace Ball converts "bad" energy into "good" energy by transforming it into a broad spectrum of magnetic pulses used by living creatures.

    Specific Peace Balls are used with certain Neutralizers to cover a protected zone with magnetic pulses. Due to the decreased intensity of magnetic pulses with distance we suggest to call us (or send us an e-mail) for more information about the

    NEUTRALIZERS FOR FARMS including BEE    z_clz

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    What we have discovered

    Bee - mortality

         As you see on the picture above winter and spring mortality of Bee Colonies is increasing drastically, while simultaneously Earth’s geomagnetic field is rapidly decreasing. In last 20 years our geomagnetic field decreased the same amount as in previous 600 years.

    In the last twenty years our bee population has been dwindling quickly.


    Compare that situation with our human health status I believe that we can agree that we are struggling with new and extremely aggressive health problems that have never had to fight in the past. Thirty - forty years ago we did not the problems like we do today. The level of diseases, allergies and disorders are severe. ADD, ADHD, diabetes or cancer are examples of this. The list is long. My point is that there is a general factor causing the demise of our health as well as other living organisms.

    It is the continued influence of toxic EMFs

    Conservative experts suggest that today 7-15% of the population in advanced countries experience serious Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS) symptoms; over 35% experience mild symptoms.

    Scientific evidence links EMF exposure to many adverse health conditions and diseases. Many forward-thinking countries including Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, France and Germany have taken steps to protect their citizens from harmful EMF exposure.

    Following the trends in those countries our devices offer protection against EMF, helping people to survive and rejuvenate with amazing results.

    The geomagnetic field of the Earth was 10 times stronger 4,000 years ago as in year 2,000. Today, in 2013, we can say our magnetic field is far weaker.

    Current extensive research indicates that the Earth's Magnetic Field has decreased by approximately 90% over the last four thousand years(***).

    Earth's magnetic field

    "By placing a human body in a Magnetic Field equal in strength to that of earth 4,000 years ago, I theorize that over-all body performance would be greatly enhanced. "

    ~ Cited from Dr. Dean R. Bonlie "BIO-MAGNETIC THEORY"

    And MicroAlpha™ products are doing that!

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    Honeybees vanishing worldwide

    The first alarm was sounded in autumn 2006. Honeybees are disappearing across the United States, with half of the States affected and beekeeper losing 30 to 90 percent of colonies; one beekeeper with 1 200 colonies expected 9 to survive the winter [1]. The problem began more than two years ago and has intensified in recent months [1-5]. The bees simply vanish relatively suddenly, with little or no dead adults in or near the colonies, leaving behind the queen and a few young. http://www.i-sis.org.uk/MobilePhonesVanishingBees.php

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    Mites infestations

    The introduced parasitic mites, Varroa destructor and Acarapis woodi, began to cause infestation since the late 1980s, and mite infestation became established in the US within a decade. Varroa destructor, an external parasite of the honeybee, has caused dramatic declines in honeybees in North America and throughout the world. During the winter of 1995-1996, northern US beekeepers experienced their largest losses in history; some states lost 30 to 80 percent of their colonies.

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    Foul brood disease

    Paenibacillus larvae is the most serious pathogen of honeybees. It causes American Foul Brood disease (AFB), a disease of the honeybee larvae. It is highly virulent and easily spread among colonies, and generally fatal if untreated. During the first half of the last century, AFB was the most serious threat to beekeeping, and caused tremendous loss of colonies. The incidence of AFB was reduced dramatically by the introduction of antibiotics, and by state inspection programme that required the burning of infected hives. However AFB spores are refractory to antibiotics and can persist on contaminated equipment for more than 80 years. Treatment of colonies with active cases of AFB eliminates disease symptoms, but withdrawal of antibiotics is generally followed by disease recurrence. Resistance to antibiotics has also become widespread since 1994.

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    The use of pesticides, especially insecticides on crops, is known to kill or weaken thousands of honeybee colonies in the US each year, and local bee kills have occurred sporadically for decades. However, the NAS report considered it unlikely that this has “contributed significantly” to the recent decline.

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    Parasites reduce bee immunity

    Varroa mites infestation reduces the immune response of the bees, causing them to be prone to infection with virus, bacteria or fungi [11, 12]. A number of viral diseases are enhanced in the parasite-infested bee colony, particularly the deformed wing virus disease that causes crippling deformity in the bees [13]. Multiple viruses frequently infect bees attacked by Varroa parasite. These viruses are spread not only by the parasite, but also vertically from queen to brood [14, 15].

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    Pesticides disrupts bee behaviour at sublethal levels

    Numerous pesticides have been found to disrupt bee behaviour following sub-lethal exposures [18]. A wide array of pesticides including fluvalinate (the chemical used to treat hives to eliminate parasites) disrupted the behaviour of honeybees leading to feeding and navigation problems [19]. Bees suffering from sub-lethal pesticide intoxication resembled the behaviour of bees described by observers of the colony collapse disorder.

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    Genetically modified (GM) crops may have sub-lethal effects on bees

    The possibility that GM crops in North America is contributing to the decline in honeybees was given little consideration by the NRC Committee [7] even though the timing of the honeybee decline appears to coincide with the widespread deployment of GM crops.

    GM crops are engineered to tolerate herbicides, especially gyphosate, or to contain biopesticides (the Bt Cry toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis), or both.

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    A honey bee mite

    A honey bee mite has been discovered at a bee farm in Manoa, Oahu, after abandoned hives from Makiki Heights were relocated to the property last week.

    Varroa mites were detected on bees in three of the abandoned hives on April 6 by the beekeeper and reported to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA).

    Samples of the mites have been sent to a mite specialist at a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) laboratory on the mainland for confirmatory identification.

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    Scientists Identify Pathogens That May Be Causing Global Honey-Bee Deaths

    Researchers have identified potential culprits behind the wide-spread catastrophic death of honey bees around North America and Europe. ECBC researchers have identified potential culprits behind the wide-spread catastrophic death of honey bees around North America and Europe.

    (Credit: Scott Bauer, USDA/ARS) A team of scientists from Edgewood Chemical Biological Center and University of California San Francisco identified both a virus and a parasite that are likely behind the recent sudden die-off of honey-bee colonies.

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    The mystery remains

    The mystery of disappearing honeybees is far from solved. The greatest suspects so far are pesticides and radiation from mobile phone base stations. However, it is likely that sub-lethal effects due to GM crops, mites infestations and other factors which alter the bees behavior, affect their memory and learning process or compromise their health and immunity will all have a role to play.

    Honeybees may be our most sensitive indicator of species for all the environmental pollution and dangerous technologies we perpetrate. When honeybees disappear, we too, shall follow shortly.


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