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Me and My Daughter live HAPPY!
« : September 08, 2016, 11:40:04 AM »
Hi my name is Antonella, I myself and my 5 year old daughter wear the MicroAlpha Peace Ball (thanks to my mom who made it all possible after experiencing her own life changes). It has been 2 years of nothing but total enjoyment and life changing for us both. I'll begin with my daughter, she would suffer throat and chest infection quite often. At times I would take her to the hospital as breathing was so shallow due to infection. She was pumped with antibiotics and given puffers yet this was only a temporary fix as we would be back at the clinic or hospital. Now wearing the Peace Ball her breathing is normal no more infections just the regular check ups with her pediatrician. She calls it her "magic ball".
As for myself, I've suffered with a thyroid problems and taking Synthroid for many many years. After 4 months of wearing the Peace Ball I no longer take any medication for my thyroid. Also if I would get cuts or scrapes or even stitches my wounds would heal with ugly purplish keloids. One keloid was so bad from on my left shoulder I went to see a doctor for multiple injections to diminish the look of it. That didn't work. They were simply ugly as I would try to cover the huge keloid on my left shoulder. Well maybe my daughter was right calling it a "magic ball" as I no longer have keloids, NONE!

There is only one thing to say about wearing the Peace Ball and having the EMF Protection Box in my house, it has changed the quality of our lives for the BETTER!

Thank you Zibby for this amazing creation. :)


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